Reader ARCs of ALL FOR YOU

Reader ARCs of ALL FOR YOU

Reader advanced copies of ALL FOR YOU are almost ready!

As many of you know, I think reader reviews are extremely important. They really help get a discussion going among readers, and that is just vital to the life of a book.

So in honor of that, I started, several books back, sharing the 10 arcs my publisher would give me with those of you who would like to review on Amazon, Apple, BN, Goodreads, etc. Obviously, it’s important to have more reviews for books than that, so I hope all of you will consider reviewing if you can, but this is my way of trying to honor the regular readers and not just focus on professional reviewers. We’re going to keep with this tradition again this time around.

If you’ve asked to be on the list before, you should still be on it for this round. (Although you can double-check by trying to sign up again–it won’t let you sign up twice.) If you’re relatively new to my books but would enjoy this kind of opportunity,  here’s the link to sign up.

We’re hoping to get these out in the next week. Please remember that there is a LOT of interest, and we send out a very limited number, so it’s all in the luck of the draw, but I hope it’s a fun opportunity.

Thank you all again for all your interest and support. Reader reviews are really vital to authors, so I truly appreciate how many of you have gone out of your way to share your thoughts and spread the word about these books.

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