Promised Sneak Peek Two

Promised Sneak Peek Two

THANK YOU all again so much for continuing to fight for these books in this DABWAHA contest! Crazy fun, lots of silliness. THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH went down in defeat before Julie James. (But, to be honest, I was just flattered to even be in competition against Julie James! An amazing writer, and her popularity is entirely justified.)

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But SNOW-KISSED survived into the Sweet 16. (Although this makes me wonder if enough voters actually read its opponent last round. Sarah Morgan’s RIPPED is such a fun story! The heroine’s point-of-view is laugh-out-loud delightful. You should try it!) It will be up against, gasp, one of my favorite novellas from last year next round: the utterly charming GEEK WITH A CAT TATTOO. (I give up now. I love this novella. I got nothing for this battle. “Uh…don’t vote for the cat? Cats hate chocolate?” 🙂 ) But that vote will be Friday March 28, midnight to noon CST.

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Anyway, when I asked on Facebook and Twitter what people would most like to see as a little thank you, half the people said more of SUN-KISSED and half the people asked for a glimpse of the first Roses book. (Matt Rosier’s book.) So how about we start with a little snippet from SUN-KISSED in Anne’s point of view, because she’s watching Dom and Jaime, so that might be fun both for those of you who fought for THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH and those of you who have been fighting for SNOW-KISSED. The hardest part of sharing snippets is choosing which part to share (it has to make sense, stand alone a bit, but not reveal too much too soon), so I’m still thinking about which bit of the Roses books to show.

(Please remember: this has not been edited yet, not even by me. A very rough draft! If you’re saying, “Hunh? Sun-Kissed? What’s that?” go to the previous post and start there.)

SUN-KISSED, excerpt 2

Oh, good God. There was happiness all over this place. Anne stopped again, smiling a little. The lighting she had designed for the wedding played beautifully over Jaime and Dom, soft and sheltering, a gentle cocoon of mellow gold against the darkness. The sound of the sea shushed steadily over the dunes.

Jaime brought her hands up over her head and twirled with happiness, spinning away from her big, rough-looking new husband as if there was too much of that happiness to stand still for it, whirling back to land with a rush against his chest as if she had to hurry back to that happiness’s source. Dom caught her. Anne was pretty sure that man would always catch her.

And it gave her a solid feeling in her stomach, a belief that maybe some joys in this world, some couples, could make it through.

Jaime danced a little against Dom as she clasped her hands behind his neck, and he cooperated, rocking them gently as if they could still hear the last love song in their heads.

Jaime snuggled against his chest, and Anne was considering her possible avenues for retreat without disturbing them, when Jaime laughed, in almost sleepy contentment. “Did you see my dad? Do you think he’s drunk?”

Dom grunted, this remnant of an irrascibility that too much happiness had almost drugged to sleep. Dom dealt poorly with Mack.  Didn’t trust a man that powerful so close to him or to Jaime, Anne was pretty sure. Mack did a little better with Dom from his side, mostly because, as he had explained to Anne one morning on the beach, whatever Dom’s faults, and there are many Mack’s gravel morning voice had added, he was pretty sure the man would do anything for Jaime. “I thought you told me those two were already together,” Dom said.

Anne’s eyebrows went up.

“Well, they’re discreet about it,” Jaime said. “I guess they didn’t want to upset me and Cade when we were teenagers. Or maybe just didn’t want to let the world into their business, because the world is pretty damn nosy about us. But I’m pretty sure they’ve been a lot more than friends for, what, probably a decade now.”


“It’s sweet,” Jaime said. “I think it makes them both so much happier. Although they’re both a hard read.”

Dom shook that black head of his. He was fresh-shaved and very elegant in a tuxedo for his wedding, although a secret rebel’s tuxedo, with an open neck to his white shirt. But he would always have this sexy, big, dangerous thing going on.

Well, what?  Anne’s mouth curved in her shadows. So she thought her sons-in-law—wait, Mack’s sons-in-law—were pretty hot. So sue her. It sure as hell wouldn’t be the first time she’d been sued.

“I don’t know what they might have had when you were a teenager, but if they did have something going on, he screwed up or something happened, and she cut him off,” Dom said definitely. “And he’s been cut off for a while. Your dad looks at her like she’s a castle he’s about to bring down.”

Oh, he did, did he? All Anne’s forces manned her walls in defensive instinct, just at the thought. She hadn’t built those castle walls to be penetrable. She’d built them to withstand a siege.

And somewhere, deeper, lower down, like this secret tunnel that some spy inside her wanted to open to the enemy: He did, did he? He wanted in that badly?

Jaime laughed. “Well, she’d better watch out then. Because once my dad starts his pieces across a chessboard, he wins. Even if he has to knock the whole damn table over and go for the other player’s throat to do it.”

[end of excerpt]

I hope you enjoyed seeing Dom & Jaime again! Thanks again so much for all your support! It really means a lot.


  • Beautiful! Best of luck in the next round!

    March 24, 2014 at 7:55 am
  • Anne looks like she’s going to be a tough nut for Mack to crack. I can’t wait to see Mack bring down Anne’s walls, although it looks like she’s let him in a little already.

    Thank you Laura for all the sneak peaks! I’m so eager and excited for them!

    March 24, 2014 at 9:59 am
  • Alexa

    I LOVED this, thank you for sharing. It was great to see Dom and jaime again and I can’t wait to read more about Anne and Mack.

    March 26, 2014 at 3:10 pm

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