Print of CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION & Talk/Signing Sun Jan 19

Print of CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION & Talk/Signing Sun Jan 19

First, so everyone knows, the PRINT version of THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION is available, too. (On Amazon, and will probably take a little longer to show up on other vendors.)

And for North Carolinians, don’t forget, I’ll be at Southwest Library in Durham NC Sunday, Jan 19, 3 pm. I’ll be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at top Paris pastry kitchen, such as the one in which Luc Leroi (THE CHOCOLATE HEART) and Patrick Chevalier and Sarah Lin (THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION) work.

I’ll be signing copies of THE CHOCOLATE HEART. (Note, THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION will not be available at this signing. The print copies weren’t expected to be ready in time.)

AND…best news of all…Bonnie Lau of Miel Bon Bons is making some special chocolate heart macarons in honor of the book! If you live in Durham and haven’t been by Miel Bon Bons yet…why not?? But if not, this is your chance to try a special treat.

I hope to see you there!

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