Polish rights to CHOCOLATE THIEF and Chopin

Polish rights to CHOCOLATE THIEF and Chopin

I really could not think of the best chocolate to celebrate the sale of the Polish rights to THE CHOCOLATE THIEF, so I decided to off you nine minutes of pure sensory delight with this clip of Rubenstein playing Chopin’s No. 1 Op 23 G, Chopin being the greatest artist Poland and France ever fought for claim over.  Try not to cry as all your muscles relax in the first minute of that piano.

I was visiting a chocolate-maker yesterday (more on the visit in another post) who kept trying to express what happens to a great chef or someone who loves flavors when they bite into something beautiful, what she wanted to see when people bit into her chocolates.  “It’s like your mouth is dancing,” she would say, her whole face lighting with joy.  “Or a great chef–when you see him bite into something that wows him, it’s like, it’s like he’s listening to the most beautiful opera.”

So a little Chopin, and remember, that to a great chef, there’s a gustatory ballade in their greatest works.

And you know what else I would love, in honor of the Polish rights?  A really good paczki.  I’ve never had a top notch one, and I’m creating all kinds of gustatory fantasies right now:

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