Patrick’s story is here! THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION

Patrick’s story is here! THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION

I know everyone who read THE CHOCOLATE HEART has been asking for this story, and we made it live as fast as we could. Fortunately, I wrote it well before THE CHOCOLATE HEART came out. Because after Patrick finished stealing all his scenes in THE CHOCOLATE HEART, what was I supposed to do?

THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION. Patrick’s book is here!

The print version will probably not show up on Amazon until around the middle of next week. (I’ll post, but if you’re antsy and want to check yourself, I’d say somewhere around Jan 23. It will take longer to show up on other vendors, such as Barnes & Noble. It always does. But it’s available!)

The ebooks are just a click away. I so hope you enjoy this story! I think of this couple as a very sweet one. Even though they start out a little bit tense! (Click here to see the first chapter.)

chocolate temptation florand

She hated him. But he didn’t hate her. Now how to woo a cautious heart?

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  • Tyra

    Ohmygod. Thank you for being amazing & I can’t wait to savour every word Patrick<3

    January 16, 2014 at 10:56 pm

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