Olivier Magny & Stuff Parisians Like

Olivier Magny & Stuff Parisians Like

Ooh…guys, you are going to be So Jealous.  While you were busy reading THE CHOCOLATE ROSE last night, guess what I was doing? Having dinner with Olivier Magny! You know–wine expert, co-owner of O Château in Paris, and, above all, the author of STUFF PARISIANS LIKE (Dessine-moi un Parisien). NC TRIANGLE RESIDENTS TAKE NOTE! You, too, could meet Olivier Magny (Friday at 5 pm, Southern Season, wine tasting, book signing–GO!).

(If you want to insert here at any point something along the lines of, “Excuse usWe were reading THE CHOCOLATE ROSE last night. The world can feel jealous of us,” feel free. I won’t stop you or anything. There’s a comment box right below.)

(You were reading THE CHOCOLATE ROSE, weren’t you? Weren’t you?  What?!!)

olivier magny

Anyway, here we are, and can I just interrupt this broadcast to ask WHY IS IT that Every Single Time I have to post a photo of myself for some reason on Facebook or this blog, my hair is Crazy Frizzy like this? I mean, in real life it’s only that frizzy 50% of the time, so you would think that at least once in a while I would win the coin toss.

Especially since after that photo in Rome from that Italian book tour (and no, I’m not posting it again if you missed it), people started emailing me hair products and dropping them off at signings and really just engaged in a whole campaign of Radical Intervention which has Turned My Life Around, I’m telling you. (Really.) And my hair stylist also got just a little peeved because she is awesome and my inability to pay attention to my hair makes her look bad despite all her awesomeness, and she intervened as well. And so between the world and my hair, we’ve gotten the frizz down to about 25% of the time, so Why Not in Photos??  That’s all I want to know.


cover SPL hilarious

Have you read STUFF PARISIANS LIKE? It is so hilarious and so wickedly perceptive, I love it. And it will forever answer your question as to why my heroes say Putain all the time.  It’s not my fault. And after you read Olivier Magny, you will believe me about it being Paris’s fault and not my dirty mouth. In fact, the other day, my editor wrote in the margins of one of my upcoming books, “He says putain a lot. Can you find another word?” And I was all, like, “WOMAN. Have you BEEN to Paris? There IS no other word. The entire linguistic passion and elegance and history of French has been reduced to two syllables. I swear.” In fact, if you were at a café in Paris that was bustling with conversation and you applied a magic filter to all the  noise that shut out every use of the word putain, you would have near-dead silence, possibly peppered with a few bordels and merdes, alors.

Seriously, I have SO toned down the authentic Parisian dialogue in my books by only letting me heroes say it like every other sentence.

And now you can go read STUFF PARISIANS LIKE and believe me!

No, seriously, if you’re a lover of things Paris and French, this is a hilariously good book. I recommend it. And he’s just now releasing a new book, INTO WINE, all about this very French concept of the terroir, that bond between the land and the food of that land. Before the whole idea of locavore, there was terroir.

into wine cover HD

Again, if you’re in the NC Triangle area, you can catch him at Southern Season this Friday at 5 pm, for a wine tasting and signing and some early release copies of INTO WINE.

That way, see, your Friday night can be as fun as my Wednesday night was. See how I share that way?


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