Ladra di Cioccolato

Ladra di Cioccolato

Take a look at the Italian cover for THE CHOCOLATE THIEF.  It comes out next week in Italy, and I’ll be in Italy at the end of September/beginning of October on a tour that includes many opportunities to taste chocolate!  I’ll post the details as soon as I get a minute, for Italian readers.  I love how this cover gets at the sensuality of chocolate and the story.

So…which cover style do you prefer?  The Italian or the American?  And why?  I’m curious because I originally thought we would aim for the more Italian style (sensual) for the cover but really fell in love with Kristine Mills’ American cover once I saw it.  If you were walking by a bookshelf, which one would grab you the best (make you most likely to pick it up)?


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  • CIAO LAURA! I’m an Italian reader of romance who found out about you and your books thanks to the fact that your THE CHOCOLATE THIEF was coming out in Italian! Usually, it happens the other way around — I read a book in English and – after some time or a long time – I happen to see it published in Italian. Anyway, I’m very happy I found about you because I quite enjoyed reading THE CHOCOLATE THIEF and couldn’t help craving for a big chunk of high quality chocolate at the end of it!
    As for the question about the cover art I have to admit I prefer the Italian one because it somehow conveys the spirit of the book better . And you can’t help being attracted by such a cover! The American cover is stylized and classy and very ‘chicklittish’ but the ‘soul’ of this book is definitely more sensual.

    September 12, 2012 at 1:31 pm

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