La Parisienne

La Parisienne

Ha, ha, have been going through some photos from the past few years for a blog event next week (selecting some chocolate and rose research photos). What do you think of this little Parisienne I ran into while I was hunting? (Hint: She’s mine. Several years ago now.)

One of those little parental moments yesterday: I arrived to pick her up from her science camp to find the instructor finishing up a story about the Mona Lisa. (“Which I’ve never seen, but I hear it’s like this…”) My daughter just sat there gazing at him. A couple of times you could tell she *thought* about saying something but she never did. Afterward, I said, “Honey, why didn’t you tell him what it was really like? He did ask if any of you had ever seen it.” “Mom, he’s the teacher. He didn’t really want to know what other people knew, he just wanted to talk about what he knew.” SO NOT TRUE. As a teacher myself, I can swear to that. I LOVE having students who know more than I do. Sigh. And that girl has had some really good teachers so far in school, too. I guess it’s a caution to all of us teachers about the way we can come across to kids.)

A HUGE THANK YOU for all the support about the delay in ONCE UPON A ROSE. I really, really appreciate it, so much.

paris in the spring

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