Kiss the Sabbatical Chef

Kiss the Sabbatical Chef

Some nice French bises!  Four times, each cheek.  Teresa, one of the giveaway winners, did the nicest post on ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND CHOCOLATE (the novella in KISS THE BRIDE) over on her blog The Sabbatical Chef.

If you want to find yourself curling up in pure longing to be in Provence in the spring, click back a few pages to her post on the flowering almond trees.  Oh, to be surrounded by that scent right now.  THEN you can be rather dazzled by how well her macarons turned out, and good luck trying the recipe yourself, ha.  People keep giving me recipe books for those things as if THAT will solve my problem.  They’re tricky.  Very, very tricky.  That’s why they’re such a top chef fad.

Teresa’s, of course, look lovely, proving that my excuse of too humid a climate here is just whining.  Sigh…

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