Instagram Travels

Instagram Travels

A quick message to let you know that I will be experimenting with Instagram this year. I am going to be traveling a LOT, in fact have already started, so I wanted to play around with the multimodal storytelling possibilities and just share some of what I’m seeing. (Or as my teen said ironically when I described it that way: “You mean post?” “Yes, but it IS multimodal storytelling, and it’s really fascinating the way people make an art form out of the combination of hashtags, photos, captions.” “Yes, Mom. Again, we call that a post.”)

(I am wasted on my teen, I am telling you.)

No need at all to follow if you don’t want, as I expect this to be very clumsy as I feel my way around. And I’m going to try to make the posts also show up on FB. (I have no clue what I am doing and my snarky teen is so busy I haven’t even been able to get her to show me the difference between “post” and “add to story” yet, so bear with me.)
But my Instagram is if you want.
Happy summer everyone!

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  • Mary Kellogg

    Best of luck!

    November 13, 2022 at 4:13 pm

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