Image of the Week: Éclairs et Paris-Brest

Image of the Week: Éclairs et Paris-Brest

Éclairs et Paris-Brest chez Jacques Genin

So many, many photos of all the research I’ve done for “All’s Fair in Love and Chocolate” and THE CHOCOLATE THIEF to share, and so little time. This is just a tiny glimpse of one of the displays at Jacques Genin’s. He is considered one of the finest chocolatiers in the world, or, as he prefers it, one of the best “fondeurs en chocolat” (chocolatier being a term he says which more properly belongs to the person who does the actual roasting, grinding, conching process of making chocolate from cacao beans). And soon after opening his stunningly beautiful chocolaterie just off République in Paris, he allowed me into his laboratoire for my research. It was an amazing experience.

In fact, I confess:  I love my research.   I believe the desire to have an excuse to keep doing the research is a better motivation than my book contracts.  I am trying to get slightly more on track with the old blog and will try to keep uploading tidbits of it every week or so.

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