I love Travelers’ Tales…and Celestine Vaite, too

I love Travelers’ Tales…and Celestine Vaite, too

I love Travelers’ Tales! I just want to say that. They were the very first publishers that I know of to have the beautiful idea of publishing books about a location that were not guidebooks but rather collections of excellent stories about these places by various authors. And they did it so well and with such success that there were soon any number of knock-offs from bigger presses, but for my money, Travelers’ Tales still does it the best. They also are a huge support to writers, and if it weren’t for the validation Travelers’ Tales provided in publishing some of my first tales from the Paris-to-the-Georgia-boondocks annals, who knows if I would have had the courage to keep working on these tales until Blame It on Paris finally came to be.

Travelers’ Tales has continued to expand their collections, from volumes focused on Paris or France or Spain or Italy to volumes that focus on a theme, including the hilarious collections of women’s travel adventures that includes Whose Panties are These? One of the newest releases is The World is a Kitchen, which just makes you want to grab some napkins and a passport and start traveling. I’d say a fork, but you can’t eat some of these foods with a fork, so better just your fingers and something to wipe them on. I’ve been reading a couple of essays a day, and I’m sitting here salivating, being whatever is the opposite of homesick, thinking of all these wonderful foods I haven’t tried yet as well as all the wonderful ones I haven’t had in far too long. Time to head back to Paris, right?

The World is a Kitchen also contains the story of Jean-Charles and the snails, which is how I happened to have a copy as soon as it came off the presses. As always Travelers’ Tales has done a beautiful job with this and made me proud to be included in another of their volumes.

While we’re on the subject of Travelers’ Tales, I should mention that while I have published very little about my year in Tahiti, the Travelers’ Tales volume: Destinations: 30 Days in the South Pacific does contain one of the few stories published. So if you’re really curious…or if you just want to dream of the tropics…And if you want to keep dreaming about the tropics after you’re done with that or just enjoy a great author, check out Celestine Vaite, a Tahitian-born author who moved to New Zealand when she was sixteen and so writes in English. Her books have finally become available this year in the U.S. and they are a real treat.

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