Gratuitous Hughs and the lovely Nalini Singh

Gratuitous Hughs and the lovely Nalini Singh

Last week, my daughter’s school sent home her school’s mascot, Hugh the Manatee, so I could take photos of it with me at work. (I think we’re supposed to be inspiring students about the different careers they could pursue when they’re older.) What do you think? Does Hugh look happy?

hugh and chocolate

Think those kids will be suitably inspired?

He went to the Awesomest Book Club Ever with me, too, and some of the LitChicks kindly agreed to pose with him between teacups full of, ahem, not tea. That one didn’t end up on my own camera, but I caught one of Hugh sneaking in for those macarons on the sly.

hugh with litchicks

Also, bizarrely, and surely nothing to do with my own search history, Google and Facebook think that every time I type “Hugh” I really, really want to type “Hugh Jackman”. So, I mean–they drove me to it.

I wouldn’t do this otherwise.

hugh jackman looking poetic

And speaking of people that make my world a better place, I want to give a HUGE (Hugh-worthy even) thank you to NALINI SINGH for her wonderful recommend of the Chocolate books today.

She said: “Sweet and sexy and all around delicious. … I’m addicted. I can’t wait for the next book. Thank you to all the RL and Internet friends who kept telling me to read this series. You were right. So, so right.”

That is so huge to me, considering how incredible her books are to me. I’m very flattered to know that I ate your weekend, Nalini.  Your books have eaten many, many of mine.

Wishing you many Hugh moments today! (Whichever kind you prefer.)

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