Giveaway time! A week of chocolate cups and chocolate!

Giveaway time! A week of chocolate cups and chocolate!

Giveaway time! Chocolate and chocolate cups galore.

This week and Monday I will be sharing an excerpt from each author in YOU HAD ME AT CHRISTMAS, and you can WIN!! Just comment on each post to be entered for that day’s chocolate cup, either here or on Facebook. And Monday night, I’ll choose on additional name from the whole week for the GRAND PRIZE of a box of chocolates from John & Kira’s. (Either their 9 piece box of pumpkin caramels in honor of Halloween or a 12-piece box of their chocolate figs in honor of the all-round deliciousness of those figs.)


If you are overseas or in some other way inaccessible to these chocolate shipments, I will swap out the chocolate prize for 2 print books, one from me and one from the anthology author of your choosing.

chocolate_pumpkins_9pc-1chocolate_figs_beauty-2TODAY, I’m featuring author Karina Bliss, whose lovely novella PLAY is a true gem about marriage-in-trouble. (You know I am a sucker for those.) I just love the way she blends sweetness, humor, romance, and authenticity in this novella, and it’s a great intro to her Rock Stars series.




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And here’s a tantalizing excerpt. Comment to be entered to win! (Or go like etc on Facebook.)


PLAY: Excerpt from Chapter 1
Karina Bliss, © 2016

“Take off the coat…Betty.” He used the fake name they’d agreed on. “You look like you’re about to run away and it’s making me nervous.”

Kayla undid the top button. “The dress you had delivered is skin-tight…” She inched the coat up her leg to show how the red jersey-silk clung. “I might need alcohol first.”

His dark gaze caressed her thigh. “Or we could forget drinks and get a room.”

“Without even buying me dinner?” She refastened the top button. “Shame on you.”

“Bob” tried to look chastened, but his eyes gave him away. Like the woods in the Robert Frost poem, they were “lovely, dark and deep.” But there were shadows there, sharp-edged. Her beta mate had turned wolf. Every time Jared returned from touring it took him longer to re-assimilate into real life.

He’d become more confident but less patient, more passionate but less tender, more self-centered and less considerate. Less hers.

Except he wasn’t hers, she reminded herself, not tonight. Tonight, he was a sexy stranger called Bob. And she was Betty.

“We could get room service,” he encouraged. “I’ll buy you filet mignon, lobster, anything you want. And then we’ll order apple pie”—her favorite—“and see where we can get the cream.”

Kayla fell out of character. “God, no. Too messy.”

Getting her four-year-old to decorate home-made Christmas cards with paint, glue and glitter had seemed liked a good idea, until Madison’s baby brother had gotten involved.

The red paint and glitter all over the kitchen floor made it look as though Tinkerbell had been murdered there. But they weren’t here to talk about mommy’s day.

“Then how about a long soak in the spa bath instead?” His gaze dipped to the swell of her breasts under their woolen covering. “Imagine the luxury of uninterrupted leisure, Betty. Luxury bath oil instead of a budget gallon of banana-scented bubble bath. Not having to share with toys and kids…”

She unfastened two buttons. “Keep talking, Bob.”

“It’s a simple plan. I’m going to seduce you into leaving your husband for me.”


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