Giveaway & photos from signing

Giveaway & photos from signing

First of all, Ellie Reads Fiction is hosting a GIVEAWAY of THE CHOCOLATE HEART, for those of you looking for Summer and Luc’s story. (THE CHOCOLATE HEART and THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION overlap.) Hop on over to her blog to enter.

And a few photos from yesterday’s talk and signing at Southwest Library in Durham NC.

Lovely heart-shaped, chocolate-ganache filled macarons from Bonnie Lau of Miel Bon Bons, in honor of THE CHOCOLATE HEART and general Amour et Chocolat theme. (Durham residents, I believe she’ll have more of these in her shop close to Valentine’s Day. A perfect Valentine treat!)

chocolate heart macarons from miel bon bons

Jennifer Lohmann (both a librarian and a critically acclaimed contemporary romance author in her own right) passing out macarons after the talk. I snatched the photo in the middle of signing, and alas, my photography skills leave something to be desired.

jennifer lohmann and macaronsA little glimpse of me, as things wind down and I start clamoring for photographic attention. (“Me! Me! Take a picture of ME!”)

laura florand signingSeeing the way my h air looks, I now regret begging to be in a photo.

And LOOK. Seriously, Bonnie at Miel Bon Bons is the most incredibly generous chocolatier. She made all those macarons, which she provided at a very steep discount (very steep–essentially her cost), and then  she gave me this gorgeous box of chocolates as a present, in honor of the book releases. And then she kept throwing in extra macarons, to make sure there were enough, since it’s always so hard to calculate.

miel bon bons chocolatesIf you live in Durham NC or surrounding area, definitely check out Miel Bon Bons. Soooo good. And Bonnie is such a wonderful person.

I’m very lucky! It was lovely to see such a great turnout. Thank you for laughing at my jokes and for playing along with the culinary quiz games! And a big thanks to Jennifer Lohmann for organizing the event and making sure it ran smoothly, as well as to Nicki who volunteered with the event, and everyone else at Southwest.

And, of course, a huge thank you to Bonnie of Miel Bon Bons and to all of you who came!


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  • Pat Lieberman

    All that chocolate – looking good.

    January 21, 2014 at 1:50 pm

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