Giveaway of Elyssa Patrick’s One Hit Wonder

Giveaway of Elyssa Patrick’s One Hit Wonder

GIVEAWAY WINNER for One Hit Wonder is Amy C. (FB entry).  (You all get entered in the same random selection, but there are so many more FB entries that FB winners pop up more often. But don’t worry, blog entrants, you’re in there!)


I think last week with Tamara Morgan’s generous giveaway I mentioned that I wanted to start spreading the book love for some of the great reads I’ve been discovering this summer. My idea is that whenever I am getting excited about an upcoming new release from someone, I would like to share with you guys the first book I read by that author or maybe sometimes in that series–the book that got me so excited for future releases.

So today, thanks to Super Sweetheart of an author Elyssa Patrick, we are doing a little giveaway of her novella One Hit Wonder (Rock Stars in Love 1.5).

one hit wonder patrick

This was the first work I read by Elyssa, and I Adore the Hero, Damon. No, really. Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I think about Damon scenes and I just cheer right up. Reading his book means you get to carry an extra smile around with you forever after, tucked in your pocket, for bad days. Two words: wears pink, and shakes his butt. OK, that’s more like 2 expressions than 2 words, but if that’s not enough for you…well, I’m sorry, but it was enough for me. He was hilarious. In fact, the only problem with this novella is that it is *too short* and we still want more Damon and his tricks. So ever since I read it, I routinely email, Tweet, and otherwise harass Elyssa to try to get her to include Damon cameos in all her other books. And since so far, for no reason I can explain, she is Refusing to Submit Her Creativity to My Demands, my real goal in giving away a copy of One Hit Wonder is to get other people to join my petition, until the pressure on her is So Great that she has to yield and we will have Damon, Damon everywhere. (Think rabid fans. That’s us.)

Elyssa Patrick is releasing the first book in a new NA (New Adult) series next week, STAY WITH ME, which is getting all kinds of great reviews. I can’t wait!! (Actually, she let me read an advanced copy and I still can’t wait. The hero of that one is such a sweetheart. Just the guy you wished you could have met in college.) But there is No Damon cameo in it, so read this book first and then help me with that petition for all her future books. 🙂

stay with me elyssa patrick

  • bn100

    Nice covers

    August 23, 2013 at 6:11 pm
  • heather

    i would love to read these hope i win this one

    August 23, 2013 at 9:06 pm

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