GIVEAWAY WINNER is Michelle M.! (She entered on FB.) Thank you all for playing! 🙂
It’s Tax Day! Or, as we like to call it in my house “File an Extension and Eat More Chocolate Day”.It seems like a good day to do another of those DABWAHA giveaways! Cheer everybody up. Just like or comment below to enter! (Or on my blog.)

Today we’re doing Theresa Weir, Author of New Adult Romance ‘s THE GEEK WITH THE CAT TATTOO, an ebook, because there is *nothing* more likely to cheer you up than reading the cat’s point of view in this thing. (This is Sam the Cat’s story.) I know, you’re saying, “Umm…a romance from a cat’s point of view?” Trust me!! It is too charming.

Actually, I started the series (ahem! supposed to be a third book, Theresa! Just saying!) with THE GIRL WITH THE CAT TATTOO, and was totally hooked on Max’s point of view. And I do think it’s fun to start at the beginning of a series, and either of these books would be a delight, so let’s make this giveaway one or the other.
Like my DABWAHA campaign poster about that elusive third book? 🙂
dabwaha sister story 2If you’ve read THE GIRL WITH THE CAT TATTOO and want GEEK, we’ll go with that, and if you haven’t tried it and want to start with GIRL, well, winner’s choice.

Theresa and I had a *fun* time together during the DABWAHA. Cats ended up wearing tinfoil hats, all kinds of things happened. We tried to start a Twitter movement of people posting photos of their cats in tinfoil hats, but for some strange reason, that just didn’t catch on. Hmm…wonder why?

dabwaha geek mind controlYou can see some of my crazy vote drives here, if you missed them during the actual madness. I wish I could find one again where Theresa sent a photo of “Sam” with the “You call that sexy” line, because it was hilarious.

Comment below or on my Facebook to be entered into the drawing for an ebook copy!

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