Generosity & Earthly Pleasures

Generosity & Earthly Pleasures

I would just like to say that it really humbles me how generous some of the people who read this blog or my writing can be to me. People who will just, with a quick movement of the heart, give more than they ever receive.

The world is full of amazing people, that’s for sure.

Our guest author for today is pretty amazing, too, and I’m pretty excited because she is the FOUNDER of the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit, and I owe a special thank you to her for inviting me to join.

Although you may have met her as Karin Gillespie, in your reading life, she is publishing her new book, EARTHLY PLEASURES as Karen Neches, and if you hop over to her site, you can read all about her new book and her hilarious vision of Heaven, complete with Wishberries, online chats with God, and Earth 101 classes that teach all the world’s great philosophies through five Beatle songs.


My father would have LOVED to have that Earth 101 textbook, by the way. He was a philosophy professor and was always trying to find a way to get his students to recognize the great philosophers’ relevance in their lives. Alas, I am fairly sure from my own experience with students as well as his reports of his experience, that quite a few of them would not necessarily recognize the Beatles, either.

But I digress, so I’m going to let Karin/Karen talk a little bit:

Laura: What are the six degrees (or less) of separation between your novel and Paris?
Karen/Karin: My main character Skye lives in Heaven. Paris is Heaven on Earth. Voila! Only two degrees of separation.
Laura: When you say Paris is Heaven on Earth, do you mean Heaven has a lot of dog droppings all over its golden sidewalks and people sniff at you in disdain as they cut in front of you in line at the pearly gates, or just that there’s lots of good chocolate there? Speaking of chocolate, do you know what kind of chocolate your main character eats?

Karen/Karin: My character is a shameless chocolate junkie. (no fear of gaining weight it Heaven.) Here’s the passage:

“ She’d sampled every delicacy Heaven had to offer: Gold-foiled truffles from Belgium, dark, semi-sweet squares of Venezuelan chocolate, and frothy mugs of liquid chocolate like the Aztecs kings use to drink, but she always came back to her trusty Hershey Kisses.”

Laura: It’s not the chocolate that makes you gain weight. It’s the sugar. I stand in defense of chocolate everywhere! But I confess, even though I strongly disapprove of Hershey’s Kisses really, I still find myself drawn to them at odd moments, like whenever they go on sale after the holidays and I buy five bags “for my students.” Alas, there’s some kind of black hole between their purchase and my classroom, and they never actually reach the students. I digress again. Next question: I draw very strongly on my own experiences for my writing, sometimes in large ways (a memoir!), sometimes in ways that are very subtle. What is an experience of yours that fed into this book?

Karen/Karin: I wrote this novel while I was still in a honeymoon haze. (I got married after having been single for 20 plus years.) It’s kind of a soul mate scenario: A greeter in Heaven falls in love with a mortal on Earth. I clearly had love on the brain when I wrote it.

Laura: That is so sweet! Sweet as Hershey’s Kiss even. I love a true love story, especially one that happens to someone who might not believe so much in love anymore. Your novel sounds like so much fun! Thanks, Karin, for coming on to tell us a little about it. I can’t wait to read it!

Also, thank YOU, my sweet and generous blog readers.� You know who you are!� That really means a lot to me.

  • That is an awesome cover and this interview definitely makes me want to get this book. Woohoo! Another one to add to the pile!

    February 2, 2008 at 12:07 pm
  • Ooo, that looks really interesting. Off to put it on my wishlist…

    February 2, 2008 at 1:24 pm
  • This book sounds awesome! I like the cover very much 😛 I just have a question, is there a romance in the book?… and well HEA? ^_^;

    February 4, 2008 at 7:52 am
  • Yes, there IS, nath! 🙂

    February 4, 2008 at 8:07 pm