Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

Friday Book Club! What are you all reading this week? I have had a great reading week–first of all, I got to read Nalini Singh​’s Rock Hard early, and it was such a great, sexy, comforting read. The heroine calls the hero Mr. Tall, Dark & Carnivorous. 🙂 I love it! And just wait until you get to the prenup. 🙂

I also tried Rose Lerner​’s True Pretenses, which I really loved. Very unique, rich characterizations.

Friend Elyssa Patrick​ ‘s Try With Me came out this past week, and it’s her most moving work in this series to date–but still with her characteristic sweet sexiness.

(Speaking of friends, friend and colleague Katharine Ashe​ has her latest in her Prince Catcher series out this week–I Loved a Rogue. A Desert Island Keeper for All About Romance!)

And Courtney Milan​ is coming for our Unsuitable series at Duke this Monday (5pm! open to the public!), so this weekend I’m going to be re-reading her Suffragette Scandal to have it fresh in my mind for the talk.

So…clearly I’ve been on a reading spree. Did I mention we’ve been snowbound here? With the power out for most of yesterday? Best thing to do between playing in the snow was to cuddle under a throw by the fire and read.

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

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