Friday Book Club: Virginia Kantra’s Carolina Man for me–and you?

Friday Book Club: Virginia Kantra’s Carolina Man for me–and you?

Friday Book Club! (Now those of you coming over for the book club, don’t forget that the first week of the month is ALSO Chocolate Club, so scroll down my timeline to the last post if you want to enter that.) What are you reading? As I predicted, I am sunk deep into Virginia Kantra’s CAROLINA MAN. (Here’s a little AMZ link if you want: Carolina Man (A Dare Island Novel)


carolina man

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Luke’s story for a long time now (write faster, Virginia!), and it is living up to all my expectations. I just love how Virginia evokes family in this series. And the beautiful setting of this Carolina barrier island! I’m always in awe of the way she manages to capture so much power into a few carefully chosen words. When I’m floundering around layering on metaphors and images to try to capture an emotion, Virginia hones in on that one detail that says it all, with that precision and grace that really shows a master of her craft. So many sentences I want to quote already, and I just started it late last night. I’m already loving this book even more than all the others (the characters Luke and Kate really speak to me), but that’s saying a lot, since I loved the first two, too. And if you want to start the series, note that the FIRST book (Carolina Home) is still on sale for ebook for $1.99. (I had understood that sale was supposed to end a few days ago, so I’d just say grab it while you can, as I’m not sure when that price will go up. Here’s a link to that, if you want:Carolina Home (A Dare Island Novel) )

Next up for me I’m thinking will be LOVE HACKED (Penny Reid), and a couple of arcs people have sent me that I’ll talk about closer to their release date. What about you? What are you reading? Have you just finished anything good you would recommend? Do you have a book you’re looking forward to sinking into this weekend?

  • I know we chatted about the Dare Island series on Twitter, but my goodness, this series is amazing. I’ve finished Carolina Man and Carolina Home, and have begun Carolina Girl. Fantastic!

    March 7, 2014 at 10:52 pm
  • I agree with everything you’ve said! And it’s much more thoughtful and eloquent than any words my brain can churn out. I did love Carolina Girl so much. And yes, very happy to have Jack’s story!

    March 10, 2014 at 11:43 pm

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