Friday Book Club! Theresa Romain? Virginia Kantra? What are you reading?

Friday Book Club! Theresa Romain? Virginia Kantra? What are you reading?

What are you reading this week? I’m *deep* in edits of LUC AND SUMMER 2 and in trying to get ONCE UPON A ROSE finished. (These blasted last 20,000 words. I write them. I rip them up. I write them. I rip them up.) So I am not really reading.

But…what about you? Anything you recommend for when I get these done and can go gluttonously read?

One particular book I am really looking forward to is Theresa Romain’s SEASON FOR DESIRE. As you all know, I’m a big fan of her work, and this one sounds like a perfect combination: a blunt American, an earl’s daughter, a treasure hunt. I want to read this one so bad!

And Virginia Kantra’s CAROLINA BLUES came out this week, but fortunately for my reading sanity, she shared an ARC of it with me back in August. Or else you know I would be going crazy trying to resist.

How about you all?

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  • I’m actually really into rereading/reading Betty Neels at the moment. I love how oblivious the heroine usually is in them, and even when a marriage occurs in the middle of the there is still separate bedrooms – and the book ends when they say “I love you.” The latter part is, at times, supremely frustrating in a romance novel because I want to experience more of the happily ever after, but at the same time the book is so satisfying before that… and I just keep reading them.

    Of course, at some point I am going to end up going in the entirely other direction and reread Lexi Blake.

    October 10, 2014 at 1:42 pm

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