Friday Book Club: Nalini Singh

Friday Book Club: Nalini Singh

It’s Friday! What are you reading? Last week, I was in a reading funk and after 3 or 4 new books disappointed, I sank back into the refuge of Nalini Singh :). This is kind of fitting for the Friday Book Club discussion, because first of all, it was inspired by Nalini. (I think her practice of inviting readers to discuss books every Friday is a wonderful one.) And then, too, I think the ability to sink back into books we know and love and trust (comfort reads) is so important to our enjoyment of reading period. Where would we be without those re-reads?

After about 3 Changeling novellas, I was all happy and full of comfort reading and could take a risk on Penny Reid’s Neanderthal Seeks Human that so many of you had recommended. (And which was wonderful! See my post last week!) But then I was in my Changeling groove, so went right back to reading more of those. (Can I confess I love the leopards the best? Also, I really like novellas and the ability to read a whole story without being up until three am, which is why I was reading so many of those. Although I’ve got a real longing to re-read Hawke & Sienna’s story now.) Anyway, I know a lot of you have read Nalini, but a lot of people here may never have tried her. Maybe you could share your recommends for favorite couples/books/series, which book or series you try to get your friends hooked on first? Would you even recommend starting with a novella, to those new to Nalini? (One of the pleasures of the novellas is the glimpse into a familiar world, I think.) What book would you start people on, if you could get everyone to listen to your recommends? 🙂

And what else is everyone reading? Anything good this week that you would recommend? What do you have planned for this weekend?

A link to one of Nalini’s novellas. I’m linking to this one in particular because it is the latest re-release, but Nalini is a prolific writer and I think if you’re new to her you’ll discover there is plenty of reading pleasure waiting for you.

Whisper of Sin: A Psy Changeling Novella

whisper of sin


  • katje

    Oddly enough, my favorite comfort reads are Anne Bishop’s Dark Jewel’s trilogy. I say oddly because they start out pretty darn dystopian-ly. However, she has a real talent of weaving in shining threads of joy into what is otherwise a pretty gritty situation. Food. Snowball fights. Petty fun sibling fights ending in people being dunked into lakes. All while the world is changing/ending around them.

    February 28, 2014 at 11:18 am
  • I go to Nalini Singh when I am in need of comfort reading as well. You can never go wrong with her books. I’ve probably read Hostage to Pleasure (my favorite in her Psy-Changeling series) about half a dozen times already. 🙂 I’m actually reading Archangel’s Consort and then I’m going to dig into The Chocolate Heart. 🙂

    March 2, 2014 at 9:17 am

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