Friday Book Club: Language … and Hookers!

Friday Book Club: Language … and Hookers!

Friday Book Club! What is everyone reading this week?

Has anyone read THE HOOKER AND THE HERMIT yet? I know I have a lot of Penny Reid fans here, and LH Cosway is another fascinating author, so I’m excited to see what the two of them do together. (Plus…what a title.)

Right now, I’m reading THROUGH THE LANGUAGE GLASS, which Sara had recommended. I really enjoy this kind of analysis of language, and his whole first section on colors in language makes me think of Theroux’s utterly charming PRIMARY COLORS (three essays on the primary colors), which I read probably twenty years ago. (Theroux’s is more of a free-form essay on colors, not an analysis of language, but he brings up some of the language issues, such as how long it took for blue to be mentioned as a color in the development of language.)

What about you? What are you reading? what are you looking forward to?

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