Friday Book Club! I’m recommending Roman Holiday by Ruthie Knox. What about you?

Friday Book Club! I’m recommending Roman Holiday by Ruthie Knox. What about you?


(Okay, first of all, a huge thank you for voting in the DABWAHA again. SNOW-KISSED survived! It’s now the last novella standing! Which means 1) More people need to read Geek with a Cat Tattoo, because it is awesome and so charming, and 2) now it will be up against either Eleanor & Park or the book capable of *beating* Eleanor & Park right now, and you know how that’s going to end. But anyway, more voting this weekend. If you missed the sneak peeks of SUN-KISSED and the first Vie en Roses book, Matt Rosier’s, then check out the previous posts.)

But right now, I would like to take a much needed break from DABWAHA campaigning etc and just talk about BOOKS that don’t have anything to do with it. Although I highly recommend really all of my opponents up to here. (For example, THE GEEK WITH THE CAT TATTOO from last round was one of my favorite novellas from last year. I love it and THE GIRL WITH THE CAT TATTOO, and I have recommended them to everyone. The cat’s point of view in each–too charming. Just too much fun.)

In fact I really, really want the sister cat’s story. Here is my evil DABWAHA campaign about it. 🙂

dabwaha sister story 2

What are you reading? Other than lots of the DABWAHA books, the book I particularly wanted to mention is one that I read ages ago, as an arc, but it’s finally out in its entirety!!

ROMAN HOLIDAY by Ruthie Knox. This was released at first in serial, toward which I have deep reservations. I just don’t like reading books a bit at a time. I get very frustrated. Fortunately, Ruthie kindly let me read the whole book early on, so I didn’t have to. And it’s now available in its full form! So you can read it, too! I so loved this book. The flawed heroine. The road trip. Struggling Roman. I’ve said it before, Ruthie just picks up a big fistful of solid earth and says: *this* is what’s real and Makes It Romantic! I love that. So I definitely recommend this one or any of her other books, if you haven’t tried her.

Up next for me this weekend? Probably an arc I’ve got on my iPad, so maybe more news on that later. What about you? Anything you’ve read recently that you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to this weekend?

Here’s a little AMZ link to Roman Holiday if you’re curious.


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