Friday Book Club: Granny Weatherwax

Friday Book Club: Granny Weatherwax

This Friday Book Club is in honor of Terry Pratchett. I think I will curl up with Granny Weatherwax all weekend, because every woman needs a healthy dose of Granny Weatherwax in her life from time to time. I first tried to read Terry Pratchett when I was a teenager, and Granny did not work at all for me–she was the antithesis of the heroine I wanted to read about. Later I read Good Omens, which Terry Pratchett wrote with Neil Gaiman, and could not stop laughing the whole way through. Then I read Small Gods, and then I was hooked and tried the Granny Weatherwax novels again, and, with a tiny bit more wisdom in me than when I was a teenager, I realized what a priceless character Granny Weatherwax was. I do very strongly recommend her if you haven’t tried.

How many of you have read Pratchett? His wit and what I can only describe as intellectual grace will be very much missed.

In other books, this Monday author Jessica Scott​ will be joining us for the Unsuitable series, which we will do for the first time as a book club experience–discussing alpha masculinity in romance novels and both Jessica’s book ALL FOR YOU and a much-loved favorite of hers and mine, Laura Kinsale’s FLOWERS FROM THE STORM. So I was re-reading those earlier this week. (That event will start at 4:45 Monday, any of you in the area who want to join us.)

And, in case you missed it, Nalini Singh​’s ROCK HARD is out! I had the pleasure of reading that a couple of weeks early, and it is so sweet and sexy and fun. I definitely recommend it.

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you’re looking forward to? Anything you recommend?

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