Friday Book Club and a picture from “Magalie’s street”

Friday Book Club and a picture from “Magalie’s street”

What are you reading this weekend? Don’t laugh at me, but I am reading THE NEW RULES OF LIFTING FOR WOMEN and Classen’s AROMA: THE CULTURAL HISTORY OF SMELL.

Both are really interesting. Everything I’m learning about strength training for women is interesting, compared to all the litany we’ve gotten most of our lives about it. Have any of you ever done any serious strength training? (Not bodybuilder serious, just trying to push yourself more than light reps.)

I also am super excited that WINNING RUBY HEART is finally out! This is the one by my friend Jennifer Lohmann that I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago, with the heroine who was a world-class athlete brought down for blood-doping (which she actually did). I’m really looking forward to reading this, this weekend, if my life calms down.

What about you? What are you reading or looking forward to reading?

Happy weekend to all of you! 🙂 A little photo I shared on Facebook, from a batch of old photos I stumbled across. This is “Magalie’s street” from THE CHOCOLATE KISS. See the witch-hat steeple?

ile saint louis


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