Friday Book Club

Friday Book Club

What are you reading? Me, not much–my head is completely spinning at the moment, between moving SHADOWED HEART into production and the Romance Novel course and Unsuitable talk series that Katharine Ashe and I are putting together here at Duke. (Have I announced this here? For those of you in the area, the first UNSUITABLE talk is Monday at 5:30–author Maya Rodale, blogger and scholar Jackie Horne of Romance Novels for Feminists, and Rachel Seidman of Who Needs Feminism? join with us to discuss questions of women’s fiction and popular perception. It should be fascinating, AND there’s a free dinner, so…you should come!  Here’s more info.)

I did curl up with Nalini Singh‘s ROCK COURTSHIP the other night, which she kindly wrote as a novella so I could cheat on my rule about not letting myself read a novel until I get ONCE UPON A ROSE done. It was so good! Just sweet and sexy and fun and comforting, and the hero David…yum.

And not to be terribly and horribly pretentious, but I do teach French literature, language and culture, despite my tendencies to focus on chocolate (gastronomy! that’s a cultural focus!), so I picked up last week’s Nobel Prize winner Patrick Modiano’s Herbe bleue. (Someone told me this one was particularly lovely for its descriptions of various quarters of Paris at night, and you know how much I love that.) I have yet to get a chance to crack it open, though.

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to?

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