Flash sale of SNOW-KISSED

Flash sale of SNOW-KISSED

We’re doing a flash sale of SNOW-KISSED in honor of the approaching holiday season. The ebook is only 0.99 through Wednesday. Please share with anyone you think would like!

Here’s more about this one if you have missed it in the past:

Once they had been the happiest couple in the world. Once serious, restrained Kurt had fallen hard for a laughing, easy-going woman who filled their lives with joy.

But when loss struck them, Kai went down under the avalanche of grief. She threw their marriage away, and she left him, fleeing the world for this cabin high in the mountains.

Now, as the two find themselves snowbound over Christmas, Kurt has to convince his wife that while she may have lost everything else, she never lost him. Now he has to show her the true strength of one man’s love.

Voted the Biggest Tearjerker of the Year in the annual AAR reader poll (you were warned). Named one of the best books of 2013 by Dear Author and Romance Novels for Feminists. DABWAHA nominee (Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors).

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