Readers often write and request the recipes for some of the dishes that show up in the Chocolate books. For those made by the top chefs, please understand: only they can manage them! But for the homier dishes that the amateurs make in these books, I’m starting a collection on my blog and will add links here.


One top request has been for Jolie’s dal recipe in THE CHOCOLATE ROSE. Find my version of dal here. And feel free to share your own or your improvements in the comments!

What recipes from these books would you like to see most?

  • 25 Aug The Chocolate Kiss Gâteau Lion d’Or

    Oh, wow! Check out this gorgeous lavender-honey-lemon cake that Elizabeth at Cooking Up Romance invented in honor of THE CHOCOLATE KISS. You have to see the photos on her site, it looks so beautiful and yummy....

  • 11 Jul Dal Nirvana

    Some time ago, I promised to share my own recipe for dal, in honor of THE CHOCOLATE ROSE. (If you’ve read it, you’ll know why. If you haven’t read it, can I just mention that Gabriel is one of my favorite characters? Hint, hint.) I......

  • 19 Nov Tarte aux poires

    It is getting to be that time of year again.  It’s a strange time of year for me, really.  A time of year when I feel a compulsion to make something that isn’t chocolate. Yes, it can happen.  It doesn’t last long–mostly because I am......