Death by Chocolate, Episode 2

Death by Chocolate, Episode 2

“Gilles Marini” continues his brilliant and perilous interpretation of Sylvain Marquis in this suspense-filled sequel to THE CHOCOLATE THIEF, Death by Chocolate, Episode 2*: “Trial by Fire”.  (*Yielding to market forces, we were compelled to serialize the sequel.  If you missed episode 1, you’re missing out!  Go here.)

Gilles Marini:

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Episode 2, Trial by Fire:

Death by Chocolate 2b from Laura Florand on Vimeo.

One stuntman was seriously harmed in the making of this video and we at AOS Cinema take our hats off to our honored colleague, Muffle.  His courage was put to the ultimate test:  he was taken to Muffle Hospital and forced through that most brutal of cures, a bath.

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Ah, the Mommy-Daughter Time afforded by the craziness of the DABWAHA tournament.

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