DABWAHA again: Sunday noon to midnight CDT

DABWAHA again: Sunday noon to midnight CDT

Okay, in what I feel pretty sure will be the LAST round of DABWAHA, SNOW-KISSED is up against Katie McGarry ‘s DARE YOU TO Sunday from noon to midnight CDT. Sigh. This is supposed to be an amazing book, by the way. I do not read a lot of NA, but I have heard fantastic things about her books from people who do. I’m pretty sure this can only end one way, but it has been a really fun time.

SNOW-KISSED is the LAST novella standing and also the last independently (self) published book, and that is all really very cool. In the Elite Eight! I feel very small and confused and flattered right about now. I’m very proud and very honored that this fragile book could draw this kind of support, and all I can say is THANK YOU. You all have all been awesome.

snow-kissed florand

I have to think of something that would be fun to offer as a thank you, if by any chance SNOW-KISSED does survive tomorrow’s round. A glimpse of another project in the works maybe? Or more of SUN-KISSED or VIE EN ROSES? OH, would you like to see the cover? Because I love it so much! I don’t know if I’m supposed to do an official blog-wide cover reveal, though.

Maybe I could let you see a bit of this sequel I wanted to write about Summer and Luc, and you could tell me what you think. They’re such controversial characters that I don’t know if everyone would love to see more of them as much as I would.

Also, I was actually offline almost all yesterday, teaching, but had scheduled some campaign posts to have fun with Theresa Weir (Anne Frasier), who is awesome. She posted them to her Facebook, and I believe one of her readers said something along the lines of: “Ha, made by a crazed fan?”

To which I can only say: “Hey!”

What do you think? Crazed? Sam the Cat in Geek practices a bit of mind control, and we’re all begging for the sister cat’s story, which Theresa says she won’t be able to write. (But hey…we have to let her know we would love it if she would!) And the chocolate cat is one Theresa actually has and has had for years and never eaten. So I had fun.

dabwaha sister story 2

dabwaha geek mind control

dabwaha geek cat cruelty

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