Crêpe Day!

Crêpe Day!

Don’t forget it’s La Chandeleur today! Forget the Super Bowl and those groundhogs. For La Chandeleur, in France, the tradition is to make crêpes.

You flip them while holding a gold coin in one hand for good luck for the year. (Traditionally, this would be a louis d’or, but these now-very-expensive coins can be hard to find unless you’re in a family that has kept one primarily for Crêpe Day use, so these days most people use a euro.)

The round, golden crêpe is a sun symbol, so all these traditions such as Groundhog’s Day or Candlemas go back to the same roots, that hope for spring.

Best things to put on crêpes are debated, but honestly:

1) good butter and a little sprinkling of sugar, and fold it (in half, and then in half again) and eat your way all the way down to that buttery, sugary tip. The best!

2) Oddly, my husband and daughter prefer Nutella. (This will stun many, but I don’t like Nutella!)

3) My Québecois friends argue for really good maple syrup, a blending of American pancake traditions and their French roots that works very well, particularly if you have access to that high quality maple syrup.

4) Other toppings include: good honey, jam, nutella & bananas, butter with a sprinkling of sweetened ground chocolate while still hot so it melts, butter with a sprinkling of a mix of cocoa and sugar…or whatever you like, really. Have fun!



  • What a great day. I’ll have to start celebrating it 🙂 Lemon juice and sugar are the best crepe toppings ever! Although Nutella comes a close second. When we were younger my husband and I had crepes from a stall by the Effiel Tower and they were so expensive (to us poor students) that we couldn’t afford the lift up the tower and we had to walk up. They were worth it though 😀

    February 3, 2014 at 2:32 am

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