Cover Reveal! ONCE UPON A ROSE

Cover Reveal! ONCE UPON A ROSE

It’s here! The cover and book description for the first Rosier book, the oft-promised, several-times prequelled LA VIE EN ROSES series. A huge THANK YOU to so many people on Facebook and Twitter who were voting on covers. (If you missed it, hop over and scroll back a post or two in my timeline to see what were the options. My FB page is public, so you don’t have to be an FB user to see it.)

I am off to France in just a couple of days and will be off Internet for the most part for a while. (I may manage to post a few photos on FB but not sure. As you may have noticed, I still haven’t managed to share all the RT convention photos, so obviously I’m better at keeping on writing books than keeping things posted online.)

I want to take this chance to say again a HUGE THANK YOU for all the support of SUN-KISSED and all the kind reviews. I love this book and couple so much and am really, really happy not to be the only one.

Coming up next: Matthieu Rosier! August 2014.

once upon a rose florand

She stole his roses.

Fleeing the spotlight, burnt-out indie rock star Zeina—“Belle”—Dubois seeks refuge in the south of France. That old, half-forgotten stone house and rose-covered acres her father left her in a valley of roses seems like a good place to soothe a wounded heart. She certainly doesn’t expect the most dangerous threat to her heart to pounce on her as soon as she sets foot on the land.

He wants them back.

Matt didn’t mean to growl at her quite that loud. But—his roses! She can’t have his roses. Even if she does have all those curls and green eyes and, and, and…what was he growling about again?

Or maybe he just wants her.

When an enemy invades his valley and threatens his home, heart, and livelihood, Matthieu Rosier really knows only one way to defend himself.

It might involve kissing.

And that might be just the start.

Fingers crossed that you’ll enjoy grumpy, growling, broody Matt, too! Sign up here to be emailed the moment it’s available. Click here to add it to your Goodreads shelf.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one! And Happy Summer!


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