Cinnamon & May You Have a Good Christmas

Cinnamon & May You Have a Good Christmas

I think most parents right now are dealing with a very complex Christmas, between the intensity of gratitude for what you’ve got and grief for those who have lost it.  So this is what we’ve bee doing, and for those of you like me, I highly recommend this Christmas project as a comforting way to spend time with your kids.  The scent is so comforting, and at age 5-6, they are just getting aware of scents in a strong way, and the glitter delights the little kid in all of us.  The recipe itself is my rough-and-ready adaptation from Martha Stewart, but feel entirely free to seek out MS’s more refined and conscientious directions.

Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

3/4 c. ground cinnamon

1/4 c allspice (really, it was supposed to be all cinnamon, but we ran out, and I like the scent this change brings)

2 bottles school glue, regular school supply list size, as much of them as you can squeeze out if you are not particularly patient.  If this is all the glue you have on hand, save a tablespoon or so for use later when painting the ornaments with glitter.

1 Go-Go Squeez of applesauce (supposed to be 1/4 c. in original recipe)

Besides the dough ingredients, you will also want:

Cookie cutters or your own paper patternsCookie sheet and oven

Ribbons or string to hang on tree

A little more school or craft glue

Glitter–fancy glitter*

Maybe paint–if you would rather paint than glitter


1)  Mix all together thoroughly and let sit one hour, to make the dough easier to handle.

2)  Roll out 1/4 inch thick.  (Our first time, we rolled too thin. But it really does dry out at 1/4 inch thick and is easier to handle and prettier.)

3)  Cut ornaments as you like. Go ahead–try doing Martha’s fancy birds complete with minuscule claws if you really want.  I dare you.  Or use Christmas cookie cutters.  Don’t forget to make a hole to thread the ribbon!

4)  Dry 24 hours on paper towels (wire rack if you want but we used cookie sheet).

5)  Bake 2 hours at 200 F, turning over once halfway through.

6)  Let cool.  Then mix about a tablespoon of school glue with equal amounts of water (roughly–judge consistency), and paint that on the ornaments as desired.  Sprinkle glitter* as desired. Let dry, add ribbon, hang on tree.

7)  Have fun.  Savor.  Breathe that cinnamon.

*I strongly recommend the packs of extra fancy fine craft glitter you can get at places like Michael’s over your average school glitter.  In fact, if you hide that 20-pack of fancy Recollections glitter in your child’s stocking, she will definitely think only Santa could have brought something that special.  And one of the colors in it is even named Fairy Dust right on the bottle.  How nice is that?

Have a very good Christmas, everyone.

Cinnamon Ornaments

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  • We have the kids’ homemade beauties. Every time we hang my daughter’s shimmering gingerbread man, I’m reminded of the festival at which she depleted the church’s supply of glitter glue.

    January 7, 2013 at 7:22 am

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