Chocolate Touch ARCs are here! Want one? See below!

Chocolate Touch ARCs are here! Want one? See below!

Look what I have! You guys are going to get spoiled. You’re going to say, “Hey, it’s been 2 days since the last new Laura Florand book, what’s taking her so long?” Then think how exhausted I will be.

chocolate touch arcs small

But seriously! ARCs! Now, the publisher sends me all these proofs because I am supposed to pass them on to reviewers and interviewers. However, the Amazing Publicist at Kensington almost always FedExes copies to the interviewer before I even get there, so I always find myself with 5 or 6 arcs trailing around after the book is released, looking at me reproachfully and Feeling Wasted. So THIS TIME I have decided to Not Let That Happen. I’m heading straight to reader reviewers this time. If you would like to read this story early enough that you’re happy with a proof instead of a regular book AND if you are interested in reviewing it, send me an email with where you can review it (Amazon is good! BN, Kobo, iTunes, Goodreads, your blog, etc.), and I’ll select as many requests as I have ARCs to spare, by lottery. Since you won’t be able to post at most of those places until the book is actually released (July 30), my recommendation is to write it after you read it and save it, and I’ll send people an email on release day to remind you to put it up.

My email is laura AT lauraflorand DOT com.

This is Dominique Richard’s story.

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