Mina of Mina’s Bookshelf is offering a copy of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF (the book that started it all!) to one lucky commenter.   Here’s your chance to win a copy of the first book! Or send your friends over there, the ones you’ve been trying to convince they should give it a try. (You have been doing that, haven’t you? Right? Right?)

Please DO feel free to check out her lovely review of THE CHOCOLATE KISS while you’re at it.  Really.  Feel very free.

Here’s some of what she says about THE CHOCOLATE KISS, which just makes my day or week or month: “Remarkable, as usual, Florand’s descriptive narrative and strong sense of space and vivid depiction of the Parisian setting, particularly charming during the winter season. I love the spectacular visuals of the cobblestone sidewalks of the Île-Saint-Louis carpeted with snow, Magalie’s cozy apartment on the seventh floor of a 17th century building, a blurred view of the Eiffel Tower, the yellow-pink of a lazy dawn, la patisserie down a narrow and charming street, a cup of chocolat chaud…I found myself traveling back to my beloved Europe on the pages of a book. Superb!”

Thanks, Mina!

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