Chocolate-Starter for Book Clubs? Tell me what you think!

Chocolate-Starter for Book Clubs? Tell me what you think!

Would this be a good idea? How many things could go wrong with this?

OK, so there’s something about all the chocolate in these books that seems to be motivating for book clubs. That is, once in a while, people write to me that they’re starting a book club with one of the Chocolate books. Then they send photos in which Awesome Times Are Had! It’s pretty amazing. THEN the book clubs KEEP GOING, and read other authors, and have other good times around other themes. Ripples of book club good spreading out into the world. THAT IS SO AWESOME AND I LOVE IT.

You can see some of the things people have done in my book club gallery. (OK, I confess, it needs to be updated with some more recent photos. I’m behind!) These aren’t always the first event a book club had, but when they are, the book club always goes on to do other books, other authors, have other great times together.

And I always feel so proud when one of the Chocolate books started something like that.  Then, people see the photos and say, “I wish I had a book club like that!” But, of course, you CAN. You have to start it, that’s the thing. And chocolate motivates people.

So then I started thinking…what if I did, like, a Chocolate-Starter for Book Clubs? That is, if you’re thinking it would be so fun to do a book club like that and want to do one of the Chocolate books, I can send some chocolate prizes and things as your starter pack. (Visits to local chocolatiers must be organized on your own! Also, homemade Eiffel Towers. I’m *thinking* about making those French swear flashcards Shannon did but who knows when I’ll get around to it?)

I already kind of do little prize packs, when people write me to let me know they’re doing a book club, but I was thinking, I could make it more open, about that Chocolate-Starter inspiration, so other people know to ask about it. But THEN I thought: How many million ways could this be abused? And then I felt tired and jaded instead of enthused.

But it COULD be really cool. And then, you could share photos, and then you could also, when you pick another book by a different author, let us know who it is and what crazy good times you are having with that other theme. (Because you know I like to talk about books.)

What do you think? Would this be a fun idea? (Would it draw sincere book club creators?) It is a wild and crazy thing that will make me feel deflated later when it doesn’t work out like I thought, or would it really be a lot of fun? (Would YOU want to do it? Have a Chocolate-Starter for your book club?)

Thinking, thinking…

  • wait…Flashcards for french swearing! That is hilarious! Definitely doing this!

    March 18, 2014 at 5:15 pm
  • This is an awesome idea Laura! It’ll help people, like me, who aren’t all that creative find a great way to celebrate your books!

    March 19, 2014 at 12:44 pm

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