Chocolate Prize goes to Kathy S.–thank you again!

Chocolate Prize goes to Kathy S.–thank you again!

Wow. That idea of putting all the likes and comments here and on my blog for this DABWAHA into a pot and drawing a random name? That took a while!! There were a LOT. I never even realized how many. THANK YOU ALL again for the outpouring of support. That is so incredibly sweet!

Random drew Kathy S.! I’m both delighted for Kathy, who has been wonderfully supportive, and also wish I could give away chocolates to every single one of you! (Plus all the people on Twitter. I couldn’t even begin to figure out a way to enter all of them into a drawing, except to tell them to come over here and like the chocolate post.)

I’ll get that excerpt up soon, so maybe that is at least a little present everyone can enjoy. (Well, I hope you enjoy it!)

And I want to do some giveaways, as I said, of the books from the different classy, amazing authors THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH and SNOW-KISSED went up against in this contest, so keep an eye on things here over the next week or so.

Thank you all so much again! I’m very touched and honored.

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