Chocolate of the Day

Chocolate of the Day

I figure we all could use some chocolate this morning.  And really, what better dose of poetry than a French chocolatier’s description of his own chocolate?  Here is Franck Kestener’s Rubis.

The description in French:

Sauvages accords de framboise et baies de genévrier : cette ganache onctueuse invite à une tendre promenade dans les sous-bois…

Which I translate as:

The savage harmonies of raspberry and juniper berries:  this unctuous ganache invites you on a tender walk in the woods…

Don’t you love it?  I think I need a chocolate calendar of the day (complete with description and a sample).

Franck Kestener is a chocolatier from Alsace who was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France at the age of 27.  A MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) is really the height of chocolate-making, not only in France but on a global level.   Chocolatiers and pâtissiers (as well as those entering in any of the other categories; food professions get the most attention, but these include all manual professions, such as roofing, shoe-making…) train for years and years, mercilessly, to attain it.  Imagine an Olympic athlete with a full-time job in addition to the training schedule and you’ll have an idea of how much effort is put into passing these trials.

(While being named MOF is a gold medal that no one can argue with, only French citizens can enter the MOF trials, one of those complicated quandaries for chocolatiers outside of France trying to prove their own worth.)

Franck Kestener recently opened a boutique in Paris, near the Luxembourg gardens, although his laboratoire is still in Alsace.

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  • I love French Chocolate and would so love to try this.

    May 15, 2012 at 12:48 am

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