Yay!  And I can’t get over the reaction.  Mandi at Smexybooks gave it a coveted A review.  “Adorable, charming, whimsical.”

Jackie at Romance Novels for Feminists says, “Her follow-up [to THIEF], The Chocolate Kiss, proves an equally enticing treat—frothing with humor, taunt with sexual tension, bubbling over with sophistication and charm. And, best of all, this bonbonof a book has a delicious core of feminist sensibility at its heart.”

SOS Aloha says it’s a “Must read for Francophiles, chocoholics, and romantics alike.”

Karen at For What It’s Worth calls its “mouthwateringly delicious” and says it’s “such a sweet, romantic story of falling in love and finding oneself. It’s the perfect book to cozy up with on a cold winters night.”

Sara in Bookland calls it a “sweet, mouthwatering love story”, “absolutely a delicious read.” 

I’m so happy people are enjoying it!

And of course you haven’t forgotten that awesome review from RT Book Reviews, have you?  Let me just remind you, in case.  You remember, I did reserve the right to post it every hour or so for the rest of my life.

“The polar ice caps are melting. Blame Laura Florand. In her latest choco-centric French romance, Florand serves up a mouth-watering tale of slow-burning passion and combustible consummation that’s as perfectly crafted as the hero’s surprisingly complex confections and as silky and addictive as the heroine’s dark chocolat chaud. Sensuous and sumptuous, The Chocolate Kiss leaves its reader with one thought: Mon Dieu, I have got to get myself to Paris!”

Okay, okay, I’m going to stop now.  Here’s a little photo of this awesome Eiffel Tower-Christmas-Tree gingerbread cookie that Bonnie Lau of Miel Bon Bons gave me when I stopped by to pick up some Christmas presents for people.  (Why, yes, I give chocolate.  How did you guess?)  I figured it would be perfect for the New Year, because it’s such a clever evocation of both Christmas and the fireworks that go off around the Eiffel for New Year’s.  But having been down with the Ghastly Flu (that’s its official scientific name), my New Year’s festivities are delayed.

Gingerbread Eiffel

Happy New Year!  I hope 2013 is a great, sparkly year for you!


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