Chocolate Kiss Book Club questions

Chocolate Kiss Book Club questions

Readers joined together to brainstorm the questions and theme ideas compiled below. I wanted to share them all together in one place, as we work on setting up a “book club” permanent page on the website. Meanwhile, with a big thanks to readers who came up with these, and also to the LitChicks Reading Between the Wines group for their amazing book club meeting on this book and for inviting me to come and eat all their scrumptious food and join in all the fun.



Themes: Serve hot chocolate and macarons. (Or people could have fun “brewing” the hot chocolate there.) Have everyone wear really high-heeled boots. Or witch hats. Or both. Or use conical hats in the decorating (think party hats, New Year’s hats, witch hats, medieval princess hats), and note that La Maison des Sorcières actually branches out a bit sometimes from conical hats, too. (If you don’t want to decorate, everyone could bring their own hat contribution to the party.) Aunt Aja is also fond of serving teas and Indian food, and in one scene during the snowstorm, she cooks for the whole street, so that might be a possibility for food.


1. Magalie seems to feel alone in Paris, even though it is her home. Have you had that sensation in a place that was supposed to be your home?

2. Magalie finds solace in making her chocolate chaud and, later, in running. Is there an activity that you find comforting? What makes it comforting to you?

3. There is a mystical, karmic, element surrounding Magalie and her aunts. Did you believe in their powers of chocolate? Why or why not?

4. Magalie is a product of a transcontinental upbringing and thus has trust issues. She won’t let anyone into her inner sanctum out of misplaced fear of abandonment. How does this manifest itself in her interactions with Philippe and do you think it is justifiable?

5. Philippe is undeterred in his pursuit of Magalie, especially with his sumptuous dessert gifts. Did you want to strangle the dog or Magalie when Philppe exclaimed, “You gave my Coeur to a dog?!?”

6. There were many references to “making room” for others in your life. Magalie struggles with how to rearrange her life to fit Philippe. Have you struggled with this in your life?

7. Magalie is also trying to prove that she can be the quintessential Parisian with her heels. Why does she do this? When have you needed to gird yourself?

8. Magalie resents Philippe for what she perceives as a perfect princely life, from his gourmet pedigree, impeccable manners, 16th Arrondissement elitist education, and immaculate kitchen. Why does she let her envy be a barrier to a potential relationship?

9. Which dessert would you have wanted the most? Envie, Desir, Coeur, Kiss?

10. Chocolate Kiss has several fairy tale elements in it. How do you see the story setting up expectations and calling on fairy tale ideas and patterns? How does it deviate from those patterns, and how does this change the story that’s being told?

11. How do you see Magalie’s relationship with her aunts influencing her journey over the course of the book?


If doing a book club on one of my books, do contact me! I would love to know and see photos and hear about what you do, and if possible, I’ll try to get some signed book covers or other goodies out to you for the event.

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