Chocolate Kiss audio & Snow-Kissed book club

Chocolate Kiss audio & Snow-Kissed book club

Okay, announcement one: THE CHOCOLATE KISS is now available on audio! Yay! Narrated by Terri Clark.

And two: I know we just did a book club, but is anyone up for brainstorming book club questions for SNOW-KISSED? Because another reader here (Amy P.) has a book club coming up first week of November, and this is a complex one to come at, don’t you think? It still makes me feel very fragile inside to talk about it.

But I had some ideas for food, since there’s quite a bit in the book: hot chocolate, waffles w/strawberry hearts, broccoli soup, panini, chocolate chip cookies.

And making Christmas ornaments, if the club likes to do crafts! (Particularly cinnamon dough ornaments for which I should probably post my version of the recipe.)

But questions. I think this story is so delicate and tough and fragile all at once to me that it’s hard for me to approach it. Maybe as readers rather than author you will have some of your brilliant readerly insights? What questions would you ask, in a book club?

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  • Mzcue

    Sorry if this comes too late to be useful. However, what struck me so keenly about Snow Kissed was the way it used the genre of erotic romance to examine and process emotional pain. In a book club session, it would be interesting to hear whether other readers see a role for fiction in coming to grips with painful experiences. Often in reviews I see warnings to readers about what might be emotional triggers, such as mentions of rape, domestic violence or other kinds of abuse. It’s human to shy away from what’s unpleasant. On the other hand, may readers be denying themselves important cathartic experiences?

    October 30, 2013 at 7:22 pm

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