Chocolate Heart Teaser

Chocolate Heart Teaser

Because Nov 26 is coming up fast! A little teaser from chapter 3.


Luc Leroi sniffed his wine thoughtfully. The air smelled darker, within his personal space. Like somewhere she could curl up and be safe. “You really like your men tall, dark, and handsome, don’t you?”

Yes, Summer supposed she had been rather obvious about that, when she’d offered him a yacht. “Now you’re just being modest. I call you ‘Gorgeous’ myself.”

A black eyebrow lifted slightly. His chin indicated the room. “They’re the ones you flirt with the longest.”

Did she really? She nodded solemnly. “They provide such a good foil.” Desperate to unsettle him, she pulled a lock of hair free from its elegant coiffure and leaned into the wrist so near her head, wrapping the strand around it, a golden contrast to the dark hairs there. “See?” She smiled up at him, her cheek pressed against his forearm.

His eyes went pitch black, and one deep breath moved through his body. Sudden awareness of the strength in that forearm shivered all through her, not from fear but from a delicious knowledge of his control of it.

“It must do them good,” he said. “To have worked and climbed all their lives so that some blonde can consider them a good foil.”

She had spent five years in boarding school with a pack of other rich, abandoned, insecure girls, and she had defended herself in needling conversations against the best of them. “Well.” She gave a rippling shrug that shivered her dress over her body and smiled at him again as she straightened, her lock of hair sliding slowly over his wrist and then dropping to graze her shoulder. The touch of her hair fresh from his skin raised more goose bumps on her arms, but she blended her shiver into the shrug. “Some people dream bigger than others.” Implying that being her foil was the biggest dream a man could have.

“They certainly do,” he said evenly. Implying something entirely different.

Coming Nov 26! And no, no–the people on the cover look nothing like the characters. Sigh.

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