Chocolate for the Day: CaliBressan Buddha

Chocolate for the Day: CaliBressan Buddha

I knew that Pool of Liquid Heaven review reminded me of something. And yes, I may very well be mentioning it for the rest of my life.  It’s been nagging at me, because as soon as I read it, I thought–there’s a perfect chocolate out there for that.  (I kind of think in those terms.)

A thick hot day, arriving at my doorstep, to discover that an infinitely exceptional sibling (broad HINT to the others) had sent me some chocolates from this beautiful shop, Cali Bressan in Santa Barbara.  A shop with sumptuous delicious chocolates and a beautiful love story, since the French chocolatier there came here for his American wife.

Since it was such a hot day, the cold packs with which quality chocolate ships in the summer had all thawed, and I rescued the chocolates from disaster just in time. Grateful Buddha was all warm, melting, perfect, full of the most delicious liquid caramel.

Chocolats du CaliBressan has this to say about him:  Salted butter caramel in a dark chocolate shell.  Lick his belly for good luck!

Honestly, just being able to lick that particular belly is all the luck you need.

Here’s a bit more of the box:

The chocolates are delicious, and I highly recommend them.  And check out their site for some video glimpses of Jean-Michel making and discussing his chocolates.

What about you?  Had any good chocolates lately?  Any you would recommend?


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