Chocolate Club! Snowmen & Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Club! Snowmen & Hot Chocolate

I was debating and debating between so many delicious options which one to offer for the Chocolate Club this month, and then an email came in from Massachusetts-based chocolatier LA Burdick with the picture below, and it all came together.

What better combination for our polar vortex than this adorable box of snowmen filled with dark chocolate clementine ganache…

la burdick snowmen

And some hot chocolate — or drinking chocolate as people are calling it in the US more and more, to evoke the idea of the European hot chocolate that is a bit closer to Magalie’s in THE CHOCOLATE KISS. This drinking chocolate from Christopher Elbow has a little kick of spice to it of which I think the aunts and Magalie might approve. For the right person drinking it. 🙂

christopher elbow drinking chocolateIt was first shared with me by reader Jan L., who sent me some samples as a generous present. Then she put me to the test. She said, “For you or to share with readers, it’s up to you.” This was a few months ago, and, ahem, I had to get a new can to share with you, let’s put it that way. I wanted to try it! (Would you consider that passing her test or failing it? 🙂 )

chocolat chaud

But now’s the time to pass it on! As we pull ourselves out of the polar vortex.

Note again: This Chocolate Club is a way to say thank you to my fans and fellow chocolate lovers and to share a little bit of the real high-end chocolate that I write about so much, sometimes with people who may have never had it before. As such, there are extra entries possible for those who follow me on Facebook and entries possible for those who subscribe to the newsletter. I’ve left an open entry (by answering a question) however just because I know that there are many authors whose books I love to whose newsletters I don’t myself subscribe. There are all kinds of ways to offer support. And I just like sharing good chocolate. As long as I get some for myself. 🙂

(About the newsletter: I tend to use the term “newsletter” but it’s actually just an email that alerts when a new release is available. The next one to go out will alert people when THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION is available. No later than January 28! But maybe a little earlier if all goes well…)

And if you missed it, the first chapter of THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION is here.

chocolate temptation florand

Happy New Year! I hope some chocolate snowmen and hot chocolate will help get your 2014 off to a great start! Thanks as always for all the enthusiasm and support!

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