Chocolate Club for February & a special scene for newsletter subscribers

Chocolate Club for February & a special scene for newsletter subscribers

The Chocolate Club this month is a special Valentine’s treat! This is from a chocolatier I love, Christophe Paume, a third-generation French chocolatier who works in Charleston now (there’s a love story behind that!). He does the most beautiful chocolate hearts for Valentine’s, full of his luscious chocolates.

christophe heart
We’re going to do this Club slightly differently. I’m not quite happy with Rafflecopter, that I was using the past couple of months. So this time, ALL newsletter subscribers are automatically entered. And you can also enter by liking and commenting the contest post on Facebook.

ALSO for newsletter subscribers this month, we’re making available a special much-requested scene from THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. There once was a scene where Dominique and the aunts from THE CHOCOLATE KISS had a little encounter, and it was cut from THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH because my editor feared that people who hadn’t read THE CHOCOLATE KISS would be totally confused by the aunts. (They’re quirky, I’ll admit.) But I think those of you who have read both might enjoy seeing Dom’s reaction to the aunts. 🙂 Or their reaction to him. 🙂

If you are newly subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll receive an email of the scene when you subscribe. People already subscribed, check your inbox for the email on the print version of THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

And fingers crossed for you for the Chocolate Club! Entries will be drawn for this particular Chocolate Club Saturday morning, so make sure to sign up for the newsletter by Friday midnight if you want a chance at the heart.

chocolate kiss  chocolate_touch_210x281

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