Chocolate All Around!

Chocolate All Around!

You all were awesome! Thank you so much! We did NOT win, but honestly, I never in a million years expected this delicate, difficult novella to get so far in the first place (I thought for sure Sarah Morgan and then Anne Frasier / Theresa Weir would knock it out), and I *never, ever* expected it to come in so close against one of the huge NA novels of the year, one capable of beating Eleanor & Park, and backed by its huge publisher to boot.

All I can say is, you all are as powerful as a huge publishing house and even more fantastic! Thanks so much for all the support.

We need chocolate! And it’s about that time. Let’s do a Special Dabwaha Edition of the Chocolate Club (can I do that? if I get the chocolate and do the club, is it okay if I call special editions when circumstances warrant?). I’m going to try to collect all the likes/comments for all this DABWAHA stuff, here and on my FB, into one big pot and draw a name from it for a chocolate prize from one of my very favorite US-based (but he’s actually French) chocolatiers, Oh He of the Great Chocolate-Caramel Buddhas, Chocolats du CaliBressan. Go ahead and comment on this post, too, if you’ve been participating or tolerating patiently and want to make sure your name is in the pot. (Yes, it’s a bit of an honor-based system, but so is the DABWAHA after all.) This is a pretty rough and ready way to award a chocolate prize, I guess, but I hope it works? It’s the best way I could think to do it, since I can’t send some around to all the hundreds of voters.

AND I will put up one of those scenes I’ve talked about. I’m in a rush today, but I’ll do it maybe tomorrow. I’m curious to see what you think of the Luc/Summer scene anyway.

I also think I had some incredibly classy and generous competition these rounds, and I’d like to do some giveaways of their books over this coming week, so you all can discover them, too. More on that later! (It’s a busy day here.) Thank you again so much!!

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