Chatting with Ruthie Knox and with Books N Kisses

Chatting with Ruthie Knox and with Books N Kisses

There has been a LOT going on with THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH release, and of course I escaped to the mountains with no internet for part of it.

A beautiful recommend on for THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. (I can’t quite get over that it was recommended with MAGIC RISES. I adore Ilona Andrews’s books.) “This is fast-becoming one of my favorite and most-anticipated series. . . .A very adorable, well-done romance. I highly recommend this series.”

Ruthie Knox and I get a little out of hand in our interview, but I blame Ruthie. She’s like the Oprah of blogger interviewers, that’s what I say: she gets us to say things we never meant to confess! There’s also a giveaway with this interview, if you want to check it out.

And on Books N Kisses, I share a little glimpse of the real-life inspiration for the setting for Dom Richard’s salon de chocolat in THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. With photos!

Meanwhile, one of the chocolatiers I was interviewing recently, Andrea Smith of DiAmano Chocolate, also does THIS in her spare time.

Do you see why I love writing about people like this? I might have to do another chocolate book just to have a derby girl-chocolatier heroine. I’m getting a vision. People are AWESOME. So fascinating and multi-layered.


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