Chocolate Kiss audio & Snow-Kissed book club

Okay, announcement one: THE CHOCOLATE KISS is now available on audio! Yay! Narrated by Terri Clark. And two: I know we just did a book club, but is anyone up for brainstorming book club questions for SNOW-KISSED? Because another reader here (Amy P.) has a book...

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Readers discuss SNOW-KISSED

A little excerpt from the discussion of Snow-Kissed today on the Fiction Vixen blog, quoted with permission from reader Mzcue. I just thought this was so beautifully articulated and really got at what I was trying to do with the story. "Snow-Kissed is indeed a lot...

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Snow-Kissed Snippet for the Day

I want to say a huge thank you to Ruthie Knox for this beautiful praise of Snow-Kissed: "Gorgeous, brave, heart-breakingly beautiful, and written with astonishing insights into grief." (Quoted with her permission from her review on Goodreads.) Knowing that it speaks to such an incredible author means...

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