Jacques Genin


Okay, I'm super excited about this giveaway. If you've managed to get an advanced copy of THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH, you'll have seen a certain key scene using caramels. Those caramels were inspired by these caramels, from Jacques Genin's in Paris. And I brought back a box for...

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A Little Caramel for the Day

Working on an article for Romantic Times and thought I would share. Remember when Magalie says to Philippe in THE CHOCOLATE KISS, "Do you think I'm a pot of caramel?" This is a photo of caramel being made at Jacques Genin's in Paris, when I was...

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Ganache, Jacques Genin

A very nice article on THE CHOCOLATE THIEF research by Neil Offen in the Herald-Sun today. And a little picture of some of that research, Sophie Vidal spreading ganache in Jacques Genin's laboratoire.  Honestly, if I could take better photos, I wouldn't have to write so...

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